The Dyslexia Program

The Dyslexia Program

I will be using an intervention program designated by the district to target each individual student's need, 

One of the programs used is called Reading By Design.  It is a fast-paced dyslexia program which I use with students in a pull out program. The students will be taught how to decode words, the spelling of different sounds, phonological awareness, reading comprehension, reading fluency and handwriting. Students must commit to being in class every day and to practice reading outside of class. The students must be encouraged to use the strategies they have learned outside of class. When they are reading outside of the dyslexia class, they should preview the material and code any unknown words before reading for meaning. When writing, they need to use organizational strategies. Their only form of handwriting should be cursive.

The strategies used in this program come from many sources including Scottish Rite Dyslexia Programs, Project Read, the Neuhaus Center, Lawrence Greene and Bernice Bragstad's Study Skills, the Houston Chronicle and many teacher-shared ideas and work. The program has been aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.


Having dyslexia does not mean you cannot learn. It means that you learn in a different way. We will use multisensory learning in class. We will use our eyes, ears, and muscles to learn all at the same time just like an athlete learns a sport - hear it, say it, see it, and do it all at the same time.

Together we will work to make reading, writing and spelling easier, but I do not have a magic wand or a drill to drill it into your child's head. Together we will work to build a strong reading wall and to build this wall, we will put one brick in place at a time. At first it may feel like I have taken your child back to kindergarten, but we will move quickly. By the end of the year, your child will be reading and spelling multiple-syllable words. This does not happen by osmosis. Your child will have to work. It will require hard work and you will have to help your child practice. The more your child practices the better he/she will get - just like a football/basketball/baseball player, or musician, or artist, or anyone that wants to become better at something must practice faithfully.

Together we will make a difference in your child's life.