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joley hatter

I was born and raised on a ranch just 15 miles east (and a tad bit north) of Winters. I attended Jim Ned C.I.S.D. Kindergarten through High School. Upon graduation I attended Angelo State University where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education with a minor in Biology. I was hired by the San Angelo I.S.D. and began work two weeks before graduation. There, I taught fifth grade for four years at Travis Elementary. I then moved to Ft. Worth where I worked in the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw I.S.D. at Saginaw Elementary. While at EM-S ISD, I taught fifth grade for a year and then had the opportunity to move down to third grade. I taught third grade for three years and then became a stay-at-home mom when my son was born. Eighteen months later, my sweet little girl was born. Life's unpredictable journey took us far away for six years, but now we are back home... and home is where we plan to stay. There's no place like it! 

I began teaching third grade once again in August of 2013. This year, I will be implementing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) for Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade students. I am thrilled to pilot this program and am excited about all of the hands-on experiences my students will experience.
My kids and I love Winters, and are so pleased to be a part of this wonderful community. There is a lot to be said for a small town. The people here are salt of the earth. My kids and I feel welcome and very much at home. The teachers here are top notch and love their students so much. Good things are happening here at Winters Elementary and I'm blessed to be a part of that. Here's to the future! GO BLIZZARDS!!

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