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Ms. Hatter's Third Grade Homepage

"Promise me you will always remember: you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."~Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh

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Safety City 2017

Safety City Field Trip Information
Winters Third Grade Students are going to Safety City in Abilene on February 15th, 2017! We will leave school promptly at 8:00am and return by 3:00pm. Parents are welcome to follow the bus to town in their own vehicle. Parents may not ride the school bus. We encourage all parents/grandparents to attend. There is no limit to the number of volunteers that can attend! ALL parents and volunteers will be assigned to a workstation and CAN NOT bring other children. Volunteers should wear comfortable clothing and dress according to the weather; closed-toe shoes are encouraged.
Temperature: All programs/activities will be cancelled if the temperature is forecast to be a high temp lower than 40 degrees and/or if the wind-chill is forecast to be below 40 degrees for the day.
Rain: If an outside program/activity is underway and it starts to rain to the point where water is pooling on the road and/or runoff occurs; then, all outside programs/activities will be suspended/canceled for the remainder of the day.
Lightening: Lightening detectors are installed at Safety City. If at any time the lightening detector alarm sounds, all outside activities will immediately cease. Everyone (students, adults and staff) will be sent indoors. All outdoor programs/activities (already in progress) may choose to leave the facility or be moved indoors, in conditions warrant. Indoor programs may continue if participants have already arrived on site.
The Fire Safety Class is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. The Traffic Safety Class is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. We will schedule a 30 minute lunch break for students.
Limited picnic facilities are available at Safety City also. They ask that students DO NOT leave this area and wander around in Safety City during their lunch break. Please be sure to have your group of students take a restroom break before they start their next class. There are no refrigerators for food items, so please bring coolers to keep your food from spoiling. *We will need volunteers to help get ice chests off of the bus and over to the picnic area about 30 minutes before lunch break.
Students will be divided into two groups, one group for fire safety and one for bike/traffic safety. The children in each group will then be divided into three groups and must have a name tag with the “leader” of each group annotated with “group leader” under his/her name. The group leader should be one that will not be afraid to go first or make a mistake. Children that cannot ride a bike should be distributed evenly among all three groups and preferably should be placed last in the group (smaller schools will accomplish this once at Safety City when joined with other schools).
Volunteers must also have name tags.
Safety City takes pride that they have never turned a student away from their program. They accept any student, including all challenged students.

2nd Six Weeks

Students are beginning Unit 2 Science (ten days), Unit 3 Science (5 days) and Unit 4 Science (15 days) as well as Unit 3 Social Studies (20 days) for the second six weeks of school. Please click on the Science and Social Studies links to the side to see detail information about each unit.

Science Fair Information

Dear Parents,
Please help your child finish their results and conclusion for their science experiment this weekend. Completed projects are due, and will be graded, Friday, May 6th.

Science Fair

Please complete science fair projects by April 25th. We need to be able to type the results and conclusion and also finish the presentation board by May 6th.
Thank you!

Science Fair Reminder

Please work on your child's science fair experiment at home. Your child will need to record all of the important information and results in their science fair packet. We will need the results of their experiment to be able to complete their presentation board here at school.

Congratulations to our second place winner for the "Hard Working Pollinators" poster contest.

Please Buckle Up!

Dear Parents,
Teachers have been encouraged to educate all elementary students about the importance of buckling up in the BACK SEAT of a vehicle. Even after educating students, several have been seen in the front seat of vehicles at parent pick-up and drop-off. All children younger than 13 should wear seat belts and ride in rear seats for optimal protection. Please make riding in the back seat with a seat belt a habit! We love our students and want them to be safe.

Children younger than 8 years old MUST be in a child safety seat or booster seat unless they are taller than 4 feet 9 inches. Fines are up to $250 plus court costs. Texas wants to be sure no child is left unbuckled: motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death for children.

Please find out more information by visiting the link below: