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Mrs. Lincycomb


Welcome, I am very excited about sharing the Gifted and Talented program with you. It has become my passion. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in All Level Art,Gifted and Talented Certification and an Elementary Certification. I have taught second, third and Gifted and Talented (K thru 5th grades) and Jr. High Art, in my 41 years of teaching. I love kids!! I can’t imagine being anywhere else. Winters is my home town and I love this community. I want the best for all our students and their parents.

I will also be teaching Jr. High Art. The Art program establishes tools for lifelong learning, helping students appreciate the world around them.  Art develops an understanding of history and cultures, which provides a gateway to express thoughts and feelings through self expression and creativity.  The art program builds self-esteem in students and teaches them to analyze, interpret and develop a higher level of thinking skills.  Our Vision for Winters' students are to become forward thinking adults who are capable of coming up with new solutions through creative venues.

Principles of a Differentiated Curriculum for the Gifted and Talented
• Present content that is related to broad-based issues, themes, or problems
• Integrate multiple disciplines into the area of study
• Allow for in-depth learning of a self-selected topic with the area of study
• Develop independent or self-directed study skills
•Develop productive, complex, abstract, and/or higher –level thinking skills
•Develop research skills and methods
• Integrate basic skill and higher-level thinking skills into the curriculum
• Encourage the development of products that challenge existing and
introduce " new" ideas
• Encourage the development of products that use new techniques
material and forms
• Encourage the development of self-understanding, i.e.,
recognizing and using one’s abilities, becoming self-directed, appreciating
likeness and differences between oneself and others
• Evaluate students outcomes by using appropriate and specific criteria
through self-appraisal, criterion referenced and/or standardized instruments

Students who qualify for the Gifted and Talented Program must meet certain
qualification to be placed in the program.

The State requires all Kindergarten students to be screened in February. The 1st thru 4th grade students may be nominated at the end of the school year. The Students will be tested and results will be sent to parents on acceptance or nonacceptance.