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J'Lynn Cooper, R.N., B.S.N.
** Healthy and Well Children are Ready to Learn! **
This site is created to provided you with information and resources to help you and your family stay healthy. Please note the links to the right and more will be added soon!
As a student, parent and employee we want to encourage you to do your part and take
care of yourself and be healthy.  
Take Care of Yourself and Invest in Yourself!
1. Wash your hands often! Before eating, after playing outside or with pets, after coughing/sneezing and after using the restroom.
2. Be Clean! Get rid of germs and dirt. Soap up!
3. Brush Your Teeth! Twice a day or after meals and before bedtime!
4. Exercise! At least three times a week - 30 minutes. Good for your whole body!
5. Nutrition! Eat healthy and drink your water. Provides fuel for your body to work hard!
6. Sleep! 8-10 hours to feel good and stay healthy!
7. Safety! Wear your seatbealt at all times when in the car. Protect yourself!
8. When you are sick, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Use your elbow when needed! Wash your hands frequently to keep those germs away!
School Health Advisory Council 2017-2018
               "Be Proactive!"
Have Healthy habits to:
                Decrease Stress
                Promote Healthy Eating
                Good Sleep Habits
Be Ressponsible for yourself!  Find Balance in everything you do!

"Give a Little Love to a Child and You get a Great Deal Back." John Ruskin