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Winters Elementary

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Welcome to Mrs. Kidwell's Music Class
Schedule for Music Classes:
8:00 - Choir
9:00 - pre-k
9;15 - pre-k
9:30 - Head Start
9:45 - kindergarten
10:00 - kindergarten
10:15 - kindergarten
10:30 - 3rd grade
11:15 - lunch
11:45 - 2nd grade
12:30 - 4th grade
1:15 - 1st grade
2:00 - conference
2:45 - 5th grade
              While music is the primary focus of this class, art and play/performance are also an integral part of the program! Children are exposed to these different dynamics each time they come to the music room. Each grade level, grades 1-4, put on a performance where all children participate.......two programs (3rd and 4th) are in the fall, and 1st and 2nd are in the late spring!
             This year Select Choir will be offered to 5th grade. They will perform at the Veterans' Day Assembly, as well as performing in Abilene at four different locations for Christmas! Their behavior, as well as performance, is always outstanding and a credit to our school district!
              Music students may also participate in UIL Music Memory competition! Until last year...........3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th have come away with FIRST PLACE team scores. Last years' teams did well, but not quite as well as previous years. Music Memory is a very difficult event; students must recognize major works, selections, know the composers and have correct spelling in grades 5 and 6. Correct spelling on words such as Tchaikovsky is no easy task! Congratulations to these students! You are truly champions and all your hard work always pays off!
UIL participants at Winters Elementary are going to see a new restriction in place this year: students will be allowed to select only two events.! In the past they have been able to participate in as many as each child wanted, but we have learned that when they select too many events, they don't do well in any of them. So if Music Memory is an event they choose, and if they qualify for the team, they will be allowed to choose only one other event. Practice times for grades 3 & 4, 5 & 6, will be after school, Monday-Thursday, from 3:35 till 4:00. After this year, looking FORWARD to next fall, times for practicing will change. THIRD AND FOURTH WILL PRACTICE MONDAY, TUESDAY RIGHT AFTER SCHOOL; FIFTH AND SIXTH WILL PRACTICE WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY RIGHT AFTER SCHOOL.
It is going to be a wonderful year! I am looking forward to teaching these precious children at Winters Elementary.......Keep a song in your heart!!!