2018 Guide to Cyberbullying Awareness
This fantastic site offers facts and statistics on cyber-bullying, which has become a huge problem in our technological era! Along with definitions of words pertaining to the topic, this site proves to be a great resource for parents who would like to connect more with their children.

Online Bullying Reporting Tool

How Counselors and Administrators Fight Bullying
Bullies erode the confidence, success and safety of a student's school experience. They manage this outcome in both subtle and overt ways, impacting everyone around them and leading to a lost perception of safety in the environment as a whole.

Almost three quarters of today's young people have witnessed bullying in schools, and half of all students feel unsafe at school whether they are victimized or not, demonstrating the massive impact of bullying on a school culture.

School counselors play a critical role in changing these statistics and children's perceptions of their academic setting.

How To Manage And Prevent Bullying
Bullying is a humiliating experience that can make a student feel helpless and afraid of reaching our for help from an adult. Students may not know how to respond to bullying and may develop harmful or unhealthy coping habits. It is the responsibility of teachers and school staff to educate students about the harmful effects of bullying, encourage respect through various classroom activities, and adopt a school-wide program to prevent bullying.

Mental Health Resources for Students and Educators
In today's competitive academic environment, being a student can be stressful. But managing the many responsibilities of school while struggling with a mental health issue can be even more challenging. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 1 in 6 people in the United States are diagnosed with some form of mental illness. Yet the stigma attached to mental illness prevents many from seeking the appropriate treatment, raising the need for increased awareness about mental health resources for students.